Privacy compliant health data as a service for AI development

Privacy compliant health data as a service for AI development

36 months (01/10/2023 – 31/09/2026)

Funding: European Union’s Horizon Europe programme

6.6M€ total, 929000€ University of Turku

The overall aim of PHASE IV AI is to increase the availability of real-world evidence by providing privacy compliant health data as a service. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables data-driven innovations in health care. AI systems, which process vast amounts of data quickly and in detail, show promise both as a tool for preventive health care and clinical decision-making. However, the distributed storage and limited access to health data form a barrier to innovation, as developing trustworthy AI systems requires large datasets for training and validation.
Furthermore, the availability of anonymous datasets would increase the adoption of AI-powered tools by supporting health technology assessments and education.

Secure, privacy compliant data utilization is key for unlocking the full potential of AI and data analytics. Companies developing AI solutions would benefit from synthetic microdata for early-stage development, provided on-demand and with privacy guarantees. For researchers and clinicians interested in aggregate data or modelling, multi-party computation allows deriving insights from the distributed real-world data. In this way, providing synthetic data and multi-party computation as a service will boost data-driven innovation without compromising the privacy of data subjects.