Remote Monitoring in Health and Sports

Remote Monitoring in Health and Sports

36 months (01/01/2023 – 31/12/2025)

Funding: Business Finland

€1.1M University of Turku

Wearable health monitoring systems provide a big promise of allowing individuals to closely monitor changes in their vital signs and provide feedback to regain or maintain an optimal health status. The RM4Health project will accelerate innovation in electronic wearable devices. RM4HEALTH will focus on the development of open technology platforms for vital sign monitoring for these emerging fields to help them bridge ‘the Valley of Death’ in a shorter time and at a lower cost. RM4HEALTH aims to stimulate innovation in continuous monitoring in healthcare and sports.
Our research team will investigate and develop algorithms for especially HF decompensation detection using measurement data collected during clinical trials. The main contributions would circle around following project targets:
– BCG, PPG and ECG signal processing analytics
– Detection algorithms for HF decompensation and detection, especially serial BCG combined with readily outputted parameters (HR, HRV, RR, activity…)