Synthetic Health Data Testbed

Synthetic Health Data Testbed

24 months (01/04/2023 – 31/03/2025)

Funding: European Regional Development Fund

495 000€ total, 190 703€ University of Turku

SYNDATE answers the companies’ needs for data-driven product development. In this project, we will create a testbed that offers access to synthetic data that looks and behaves like realworld data. By doing this, we provide a partial solution to the bottlenecks of the secondary use of health and social data. We will use advanced modeling techniques that ensure the synthetic data closely matches the properties of the real-world data. The selected techniques include settings to preserve privacy, which makes it possible to fulfill strict data protection criteria. This way, the developers and innovators may gain access to synthetic datasets without the need for heavy regulatory processes.
The testbed with synthetic data allows developing new health-data based solutions, for example using artificial intelligence, much faster than previously possible. The product development in companies becomes faster and more efficient while decreasing the development cost. The developed service also benefits health care providers and patients via new improved technological solutions.
The testbed is a service developed for companies’ and research organizations. Not only will it strengthen the local health ecosystem, Health Campus Turku, but also support the RDI on national level. The core aim of SYNDATE is to facilitate industry-driven innovation in the health sector. The testbed, created through co-creation, also opens a new collaboration channel for research organizations and companies. What’s more, the project builds upon and further develops the synthetic data competencies in the Turku area.